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For Bayern's opener. Worth noting is that the goal for Bayern not only opens the door for victory, more help Robben completed the career of a new milestone: this score is representative of Arjen Robben Bayern Munich scoring his 100th goal, Robben finally into Bayern's best ball club. Since the beginning of 2009, joining the Club in the summer, Arjen Robben Bayern have a 5 and a half year's time. 5 in the second half of the season, Robben showed his amazing efficiency. At Bayern, Robben scored 100 goals in 185 appearances 65 assists, averaging less than per Robben Bayern for 2 games scoring 1 goal, Robben almost every 1 game can make 1 goals for Bayern. You know, when Arjen Robben in the other team scored 60 goals in 286 appearances altogether 59 assists, efficiency is far better than Bayern. Have to say that Arjen Robben Bayern are firing, completely reached a personal peak. If we effect Robben's career all the data for a direct comparison of the team, we'll find Arjen Robben with Bayern is very crazy, is well beyond the previously at any stage of their career. Bayern's Arjen Robben scored 100 goals in 185 appearances 65 assists.

Mallet breaking moment Stoke is known as the Premier League team of the air force, most adept at hand-to-hand combat, Terry doesnot after 1 minute 35 seconds, and Fabregas ' corner, Terry Ryan Shawcross, Muniesa, Cameron etc a bunch of tall person well-known under the watchful eye of head goal succeeds. The more formidable opponents, Terry had not feared. The 34-year-old captain, jumped higher than young people, and harder. The daily mail said, Terry, this is a bullet-like header, penetrated the enemy's chest. Arsenal's draw with Liverpool battle 2-2, Skrtel, last-minute headed goal, cast a real two vibram five fingers   arsenal defenders per Mertesacker and obviously had a nervous look. But Terry never counselling, and Peter Crouch challenge, Terry stands up straight and unyielding. English football legend Stan g Lee Moore said: Terry is like a British soldier of the old school, ordinary but full of fighting spirit. Facing tougher opponents, you need more hard line. Terry is hard enough, to be braver, match up to 8 times in rescue, 1 blocked shot two air balls compete for top success. Terry played centre-back, but his ability to score goals at the top of his back.

Jose Mourinho return to Chelsea since Adjara's attack completely activated. In last season's Premier League, Chelsea striker wants players not to force Chelsea's results could be achieved fully benefited from the tie exciting play of superstar in the League. Belgium in the League last season in 35 League appearances for the Club, scoring 14 goals, and became the team's top scorer. The new season,   nike blazer mid   with CESC Fabregas and attacking players such as Diego Costa's arrival.From the total volume of the contract, with differences up to 500Million euro, so negotiations are at an impasse. Milan was so hesitant in dealing with de Jong to renew, is because the Club in the winter transfer market next year looking for a skilful midfielder and is therefore not particularly in need of Nigel de Jong, the team, and Nigel de Jong has over 30 years old, three-year contract extension at greater risk. Current serie a has entered the winter break, Milan holidays, de Jong returned to the Netherlands and his agent had met with to discuss the player's future choice, invitation and Schalke were analyzed. Judging from the current situation, de Jong and renewal will be hard-pressed to reach Milan, Germany newspaper Bild said Schalke head coach Roberto di Matteo de Jong powerful style very much, that his arrival could increase the defensive strength.

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