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He was just showing his disciples fans an apology for I'm Borussia grew into an international player, and I'm full of gratitude for everything here. Although I have to leave the team, but I assure you I will do their best to help the Bundesliga side in the remaining games of the season get the European qualification. Kramer turned Real Madrid can really get higher salary. Real Madrid pockets team also compete with Bayer Leverkusen. In fact, Kramer, although this summer with Germany won the World Cup title, but he is not a regular and key player is not in Real Madrid's team-building philosophy, said Real Madrid tried so far was media interested Cramer, Real Madrid had no comment. In addition, even the Germany team's core cross in Real Madrid's annual salary is 6 million euros after tax, to Kramer's famous Real Madrid won't have any chance, his salary, Leverkusen might not have provided a higher. Has now entered the winter break of the Bundesliga, Bayern 11 points by a large majority the winter champion.  

Indeed, Arjen Robben Bayern also has had not a bad day. He had at the 2010 South Africa World Cup after injury for six months, which has also affected Bayern's record, indirectly leading to mentor Louis van Gaal after class. He also lost in the 2011-2012 season 2 critical penalty, Sanya, led Bayern Munich to become King, he was booed by Bayern fans attack. But then Robben is alive again, 2014 Pan like Phoenix, both in the national team and Club have played exceptionally well. Arjen Robben with Bayern reached the peak of his career, Bayern's Arjen Robben, is the strongest Arjen Robben. NetEase  nike air max 1 sports December 17 report: December 17, at 3 o'clock in the morning local time 30 6th evening Beijing time 19 30,2014-year FIFA Club World Cup semifinals on a clash in Morocco in Marrakech, city of Marrakech Stadium, Spanish giants Real Madrid's game against Mexico will take place between the Blue Cross. Ramos and Benzema into two goals in the first half, Iker Casillas saved a penalty, leading Real Madrid 2-0; Ronaldo assists Bell scored in the second half, received Ronaldo ISCO assists scored, Real Madrid beat Blue Cross 4-0, qualified for the Club World Cup final. December 21, at 3 o'clock in the morning 30, Real Madrid will be the winner in the final game against San Lorenzo VS Auckland city. 2013-14 season, Real Madrid won the Champions League.

Real Madrid's Arjen Robben scored 13 goals in 65 appearances 14 assists, Chelsea's Arjen Robben made 104 appearances scoring 18 goals 24 assists, in Eindhoven Arjen Robben scored 21 goals in 70 appearances 17 assists, in Groningen, Robben made 47 appearances scoring 8  air max tr 180   goals 4 assists. It would appear that Arjen Robben to Bayern is a qualitative change. The last 4 Premiership last season, Terry headed the 11 times, the 1th place in the Premier League; Ou Guante already has two goals this season, headed his 1th of Premier League goals this season. 13 Chelsea who scored in the League, was fired in the Premier League's most widely distributed team. For the 34-year-olds John Terry, which he scored 15 consecutive Premier League season, 2000-01 season, Terry 15 consecutive season playing regularly in blues, harvesting 34 Premiership goals altogether. 17 at Chelsea, Terry total tally reached 58, it was pointed out that Andres Iniesta scored 57 goals in Barcelona is just--it does not diminish significance, scoring ability, ultra stressed Terry as a defender.

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