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Mexico in Giants Blue Cross is 2013-14 season North American champions in the Champions League. FIFA Club World Cup one-fourth-finals, Blue Cross's 3-1 win over West Sydney semi-final, Real Madrid is a direct promotion as champions. Both teams have never drove in the official competition. First, lack of Luka modric, j-Lo Real Madrid fielded a strong line-up, played a full BBC combinations, Krause, ISCO. Real Madrid after just 3 minutes looped Carbajal cross from the right flank after Benzema headed back to do Ronaldo 4 m Rob in his left foot shot was saved by goalkeeper Corona magic. The first 11 minutes, cross through, benzemada open on the edge of 3 guards their shot slightly to his right foot. 15th minute of Real Madrid to break the deadlock, cross the right side free kick cross, Corona to attack errors, 7 m dump header Ramos succeeds in leading Real Madrid 1-0. Sergio Ramos scored his 51st goal Real Madrid career, 2014 7 headed Ramos, Real Madrid headed goals than any other player this year. The first 31 minutes, received a left cross pass 18 meters at the arch in his right foot to push was saved by goalkeeper. 36th minute of Real Madrid scored a goal again, Carbajal knocks ball past baseline after picking the right pass, Benzema en masse to push hands at 6 m.

The 39 minute, Ramos down Pavone in the penalty area, and referee a penalty, Casillas saved Blue Cross and Captain Gerardo torrado penalty-high ball. After bashing the League points after 4 days ago, Casillas saved again on penalties. The first 43 minutes, Cristiano Ronaldo penalty 28 metres in his right foot free kick high over the bar. Again in the second half, 50th minute Madrid clinching Benzema through, Ronaldo cross from the left, Bell 6-meter header succeeded. Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes has retired, Terry has become fossils of most first-line players in the Premier League. Ryan Giggs scored 21 consecutive seasons in the Premier League, Paul Scholes was 19 consecutive seasons in the Premier League to have  nike air max classic bw  scored, Lampard scored 18 consecutive Premier League season, Gerrard scored 16 consecutive Premier League seasons, these are in the frontcourt, Terry as a centre-half, scored 15 consecutive Premier League seasons have to say that it is a wonder. Now 34 years old, Terry's body was holding up relatively well, Mourinho said Terry's level at 2004-07 at that time of the season. Entering the 21st century, Qatar's football dream began sow. In 2003, the Qatar Football Association allocated $ 10 million to the Club, for the Club to buy global superstar, in 2011, the aersade received financial support to win the AFC Champions League title.

After Bayern CEOKarl-Heinz Rummenigge, Sports Director summers, coach PEP Guardiola has said that winter transfer period without foreign aid, which  nike air max 90 also reflects their confidence in the squad. But the current Bayern team's Bench players were eager to leave the other teams more chances, other than previously rumored Sha Qili, Gaudino, huoyibiege intends to bid farewell to Bayern during the winter months. According to the Munich daily said on huoyibiege the last interest now is the Bundesliga team Borussia, who currently ranks fourth in the Bundesliga, is promising with Kuo even Champions League qualification for next season. But Kramer, owned by Bayer Leverkusen Borussia main midfield, is currently on loan to Borussia effect, will leave next summer. In order to anticipate, hope in the winter transfer window following the introduction of huoyibiege, so that he gradually adapting to, and formally take Kramer's place next season. But Bayern Munich also are optimistic about the potential of huoyibiege, who at age 19, Denmark internationals began to emerge at Bayern Munich last season, and Germany won the first Cup final chances. 

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