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Football is now more emphasis on speed and strength, and therefore the injury situation is becoming more and more frequent occurrence of this is unavoidable. Of course, my own method to avoid injuries. We can see that when the defensive player that dressed when I'd avoided in advance. This is not what a diver, this is one of my many protective measures. If I'm silly standing there, waiting to be kicked it all away. But in the game against Freiburg, Mueller did not show their brilliant minds but showed their strong head. Soon after the second half began, Bayern have a good chance, Antonia Bernath seems like shooting kick forced goalkeeper Bhurki saves. Before the ball landed in the mill at this time, and Bhurki are already on the ground. So we see Muller heads were defenders exposed danger of abruptly headed the ball into the net. Have to  air max direct  say, Muller scoring is also spelled. Müller after scoring he subconsciously rubbed his forehead, careless Erwa was finally restored calm on weekdays, are concerned about their health. Bayern Munich team-mates also came and touched Muller's head, after you are sure he is not injured.

Lionel Messi and Bailey also praise for the Academy, while Qatar were relying on the money to build youth able to let Qatar Football's rise. Soccer schools not only in Qatar selection, tentacles reaching out to Africa, the Americas, and even Europe. Annual Qatar mass auditions in Africa and pick one of the footballing talent comes to Aspar. Qatar has repeatedly said does not force  air max thea  the domestication of these players, but General Manager said with confidence, there will be players for Qatar effectiveness. In 2010, the Aspar started junior Cup, at the prestigious milk Cup youth tournament. This event has emerged stars such as Paul Scholes, Wayne Rooney, Sergio Busquets, Hummels. In 2011, the Aspar beat Manchester United to win the milk Cup U16 Championship in 2012, Aspar decided to the AL-KASS held the international Cup. In 2014, Barcelona, Juventus, Real Madrid, Manchester, Milan and other clubs have sent their youth team, called the juvenile World Cup, Aspar dispatched two teams to battle, one is Qatar, an international team is comprised of trainees from other countries. Eventually the international team beat Real Madrid to win the title.

Past Lahm, Klose, David alaba were used by Bayern Munich on loan to other clubs, and with outstanding performance to return to Bayern, maybe huoyibiege can repeat such a course. In the 17th round of the Bundesliga over the weekend all over the League, immediately entered the winter break of the Bundesliga, the next round of League would not resume until end of January next year. All Bundesliga teams also have announced their winter training plan, because Germany local cold climate in winter, 18 Bundesliga teams all chose the warmer outside in winter. Leaders Bayern will travel to Doha, Qatar, this was their 5th consecutive year in Qatar during winter. Wounded began January 4 Bayern Munich back in training, January 7, all players report back formally started in winter. From January 9 to 17th, Bayern team will travel to Doha, Qatar, at the 13th and 17th arranged two friendlies during, opponents are local teams. In return Germany Hou, Bayern also arranged on January 23 for a warm-up match against Bochum. 

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