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Huoyibiege reduced playing time this season, but this was mainly because Bayern Munich midfield star is too much, compressing his growth. But last weekend in the case of Alonso and Lahm were absent because of injury, huoyibiege start and play a full game, after the game won after Bastian Schweinsteiger, Bayern Munich's second highest points. The Munich daily pointed out that Bayern want to put huoyibiege to the other team exercise, but do not want to give up the stars. Currently huoyibiege contract expires in the summer of 2016, Bayern and huoyibiege proposed extension until 2018Years, then a season and a half of exercise he was on loan at Borussia, Borussia won the Kramer's replacement, huoyibiege can get more practical experience, while Bayern Munich can also be selected at a time when there is a need in the future to recover huoyibiege.  

Real Madrid 3-0 lead. BBC combinations are over 10 goals this season. The 63rd minute Real Madrid hit back, Karim Benzema through balls, Bell's cross from the left, Ronaldo acrobatic flower in his right foot shot was saved by goalkeeper. On 65 minutes, Barrera their shot right outside the area hit the post. On 72 minutes, Ronaldo left cross struck, ISCO edge after continuous shaking for two people, with two positions his right foot to push into 4-0. Ronaldo brace of assists and 12 assists this season. nike air max 95  After Sergio Busquets, Pedro, Raul, ISCO becomes 4th goal of the FIFA Club World Cup Spain players. Real Madrid's successive substitution, Sami Khedira and Hermann Hesse, respectively replacing Krause and ISCO. On 84 minutes, Sami Khedira received a cross from the left header hit the post. A full match finish, Real Madrid beat Blue Cross 4-0 break into the FIFA Club World Cup final. Muller always was elusive on the pitch, he always seems to be able to appear in the most suitable place to easily score. But in the game against Freiburg, Mueller appeared in the right place, but he was not easy to score. Muller was headed towards the Defender clears foot header, after scoring Mueller, also for the first time touched his forehead.

Mueller with his trademark smile. Indeed, while once in an interview revealed his chicken thief way to escape injury, fear of injury. You know, Mueller had said in the interview, he was always able defenders down the foot when I managed to steer clear of, but this time to kill red eye Mueller, to score goals is quite hard. Mueller had said in the interview, slim he is rarely injured, because he's always on the   air max plus  other side hasn't kicked his evasive action had taken place before, the former superstar in the Qatar League active ageing, which inspired the Qatar youth football dreams when Aspar Academy set up investment by the State, become a paradise for sowing dreams. Aspar Institute into football and other branch, branch of football by the orab who led Real Sociedad qualified for the Champions League, College, General Manager of Bravo as Real Madrid's Director of development strategies. Soccer schools a total of hundreds of training facilities. Blatter has said, this is a football contributed to the world of the Academy.

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